Household Division

Pomp, Pageantry, Posters and Pride

A night at The Beating Retreat 2015

We have just returned from a fantastic trip to London, where we were treated to an evening of ceremonial pomp and a display of the very definition of Military Precision, at The Beating Retreat 2015 event at Horse Guards Parade.


We were hugely honoured to have been asked to design the posters for the 2014 ceremonial events for The Household Division, and once again this year:


The night began with a champagne reception, courtesy of the Major General commanding The Household Division, where we were treated to an exclusive look at many of the original surviving artefacts from the Battle of Waterloo:


We were then taken across the road to Horse Guards Parade, handed a familiar looking programme :) 


and walked through the gates adorned with the posters we had created earlier in the year, a surreal moment...


What followed was 2 hours of a truly spectacular display featuring the Household Guards, Household Cavalry, Scottish Pipers and a canon booming re-enactment of the Battle of Waterloo, all expertly narrated.


The skill, talent and precision of each and every soldier, musician, dancer, choreographer, lighting technician, pyrotechnic worker (basically everyone involved on the performance!) was immaculate and a true testament to the hours of hard work that goes in to the event.

It's hard not to be moved by the playing of the last post, or the vision and sounds of the lone piper playing on the cenotaph.

Another poignant part of the evening was the playing of the 'waterloo bugle' one that was discovered on the battlefield and played publicly for the first time. It was an absolutely unforgettable evening.


To be able to have played even the smallest of parts to help promote these incredible events is an absolute privilege and one that we are incredibly thankful for.

If you have not been to an event involving The Household Division, we recommend that you make sure you do at the next opportunity!