Minimalist Sitcom

The Great American Sitcom Tournament 2016

After the fun, success and debate invoking anger of our previous 'Great British Sitcom Tournament' we thought we better do an American version, so that's exactly what we're doing!

We started in March when we held the Qualifiers to determine the final 32 Sitcoms, so apologies if your favourites aren't included, they didn't get the early votes.

Once the 32 were decided, we held a (extremely professional) draw, with ping pong balls drawn at random and zero corruption...

The competition takes the form of the football World Cup with 8 groups of 4 (we seeded the top 8, in our opinion, so they avoided each other in the group stages). Each show in a group plays each other once, with 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. The top 2 shows of each group will progress to the knockout stages.

To play the 'matches' we need your help. We are using the new twitter 'poll' feature to decide the winner of each match based on your votes, each match lasts 24 hours so there will be plenty of time to cast your vote. 

Make sure you are following @posteritty over on twitter to be a part of the tournament as it happens, using #GAST2016 should help you find the matches.


We'll update the results table on a regular/daily basis and pin it to our twitter feed so you can check in on how your favourite sitcom is doing throughout the tournament.

The tournament kicks off on February 4th 2016 and the final will take place on 28th Feb. We hope you can take part and help determine the best American Sitcom out there!